22 weeks

It’s been an uneventful 1 1/2 weeks since our scan, but my bank account has already taken a battering buying a few little lady treats!  We are still excited about expecting a little girl for a change, and our chats are all about how a little lady will change our family dynamic, and we’ll no… Continue reading 22 weeks

18 weeks and the bump archive 

The first proper little kicks have become more noticeable, so it finally feels like the womb invader is making her/his presence felt.  I scrolled a loonnngggg way back through my Instagram feed this week to see if I had documented any bump pictures from my pregnancy with Barnaby back in 2013 and turns out, I… Continue reading 18 weeks and the bump archive 

Current Feels at 17 and a bit weeks in… 

Feeling like I’m in no mans land, our 20 week scan isn’t until the 27th and I have a 5th birthday to get through next weekend! My skin hasn’t improved much, so I treat myself to some Aesop moisturiser and Bloom and Blossom bath oil treats from Space NK.  Baby made me do it (!) … Continue reading Current Feels at 17 and a bit weeks in… 

gender games.

At 14 weeks, and now the secret is ‘out’, the main subject of pregnancy conversation is of course, guessing if this baby is a boy or a girl. Nope, I have no gut feeling, but this pregnancy has definitely been the most challenging through the first trimester out of all three. [at the end I… Continue reading gender games.