dressing the bump.

Now that the small bump is more obvious, I’m in to buying a maternity wear wardrobe. Luckily this time I can live through the summer happily cultivating fat cankles in my Birkenstocks (I’ve got a white pair and a black pair)  as I plan to finish up for Mat. Leave in July even though I’m… Continue reading dressing the bump.

gender games.

At 14 weeks, and now the secret is ‘out’, the main subject of pregnancy conversation is of course, guessing if this baby is a boy or a girl. Nope, I have no gut feeling, but this pregnancy has definitely been the most challenging through the first trimester out of all three. [at the end I… Continue reading gender games.

the making.

Back in June 2015 we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary and took a trip to Amsterdam sans children. At this point, I thought that our ‘alone’ time might just be constructive to well, creating a new addition as well as having a brill time. According to a loose idea of my cycle, I was just… Continue reading the making.