Now you are half a year old.

Today Willa reached her six moth milestone, and it feels truly incredible that in the past year, I’ve grown a baby, given birth and now fully recovered from that birth and lost my baby weight (thanks to Slimming World) , it’s as if pregnancy were all a distant dream. What seems to all encompassing at… Continue reading Now you are half a year old.

Introducing… and our birth story

So happy to welcome our baby daughter Willa Blue Atkinson on Wednesday 21st September at 4.09 am weighing 8lb 12oz. After a sweep appointment on Tuesday lunchtime, and a bishops score of 5 which wasn’t exactly that hopeful, by 10pm that evening I suddenly started to feel some sporadic contractions when I went upstairs to… Continue reading Introducing… and our birth story

41 weeks plus…

Since Sunday I’ve been taking a break from social media as my pregnancy stretches into its final days. Instagram has been a constant companion since my second son Barney was born, and I adore the community of friends I have there, but among those friends were a lot of pregnant mummas who were due around… Continue reading 41 weeks plus…

Growth scan 40+4

We popped to the hospital yesterday for a growth scan in the antenatal department. It was strange being there again for a bonus glimpse of Bébé!  Luckily she’s all fine and head down, with good blood flow through the placenta still. They are predicting a 9lb 6oz’er so she’s not going to be a tiny… Continue reading Growth scan 40+4

Final Days…

Today I reached 40 weeks plus.. Deep down I hoped for a due date baby, if not before, and I found reaching that date quite emotional for reasons I couldn’t understand.  Since then I do understand, it’s the pressure of people knowing and the constant caring but also the level of remarks and suggestions, and… Continue reading Final Days…

26 weeks. Hello Braxton Hicks

  Currently sat in queues of traffic on the M5 travelling from Mevagissey, Cornwall back home to Harrogate, Yorkshire on bumps 26 week milestone.  In the past few days I’ve had the onset of Braxton Hicks quite strongly. They feel so bizarre! Just two weeks left in my ‘day job’ starting back from holiday on… Continue reading 26 weeks. Hello Braxton Hicks

22 weeks

It’s been an uneventful 1 1/2 weeks since our scan, but my bank account has already taken a battering buying a few little lady treats!  We are still excited about expecting a little girl for a change, and our chats are all about how a little lady will change our family dynamic, and we’ll no… Continue reading 22 weeks