Now you are half a year old.

Today Willa reached her six moth milestone, and it feels truly incredible that in the past year, I’ve grown a baby, given birth and now fully recovered from that birth and lost my baby weight (thanks to Slimming World) , it’s as if pregnancy were all a distant dream.

What seems to all encompassing at the time, now seems like someone else’s world, and life has evolved.

My last post was all about Willa’s arrival into the world, written days after her birth, so what’s happened since?

Willa is now an active six month old, with steely determination and a feisty personality. She is happiest around us, and her older brothers and is a solid bundle of joy. 

Although not crawling yet, she rolls around the carpet like a seasoned professional, enjoys grabbing her feet, and is nearly able to sit unattended. I will be surprised if she doesn’t crawl soon as she has great strength and is happily confident.

She resembles both brothers and myself in looks and only has a fine dusting of hair still, and her eyes are getting darker. Our special time is around 10pm every evening when we sit together in my bed and I feed her. All is quiet and tranquil and she is always so peaceful and happy at this time. I soak up her baby smell and try to lock away the image of her little hand reaching up to clasp mine, or my necklace whilst she feeds. 

Whilst I do not want to reverse time, I would love for it to slow down just a little. 

C x 


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