Growth scan 40+4

We popped to the hospital yesterday for a growth scan in the antenatal department. It was strange being there again for a bonus glimpse of Bébé! 

Luckily she’s all fine and head down, with good blood flow through the placenta still. They are predicting a 9lb 6oz’er so she’s not going to be a tiny little thing. 

We decided on her name a while ago, it’s one that I really loved and although unconventional it isn’t anything crazy, though her middle name did start as a bit of a joke! It does link in with her September birth stone so it was quite fitting really.

I’m now 40+5 and calmer than I was around due date. I’ve tried a Clary Sage bath which stank and didn’t do anything, but I’m not bothering with silly old wives tale stuff this time, I have a feeling she will dictate when she’s coming and that will be that! 

I’m booked for induction one week today, but really hoping she gets into action before that. 

I’ve decided that today is my last day of posting out orders too, anything I make from now on I’ll hoard up and list when she arrives. Hoping that way I’ll chill out a bit and not have to fret about my customers, and instead take a few days to relax. 


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