Final Days…

Today I reached 40 weeks plus..

Deep down I hoped for a due date baby, if not before, and I found reaching that date quite emotional for reasons I couldn’t understand. 

Since then I do understand, it’s the pressure of people knowing and the constant caring but also the level of remarks and suggestions, and the seemingly never ending days stretching out before me. I wish women were given a window rather than an exact date, because that ‘date’ becomes something it shouldn’t be, it makes you feel inadequate for reaching over it. 

I’ve been really focusing on hypnobirthing techniques and listening to daily relaxation MP3’s each evening. 

I’m not trying any of those silly old wives tales either this time, not wasting time or effort eating pineapple or drinking raspberry leaf tea. Baby will decide when she wants to have her birthday and I’ve spent the last two days since ‘due date’ realising that. 

There’s much said about September being chaos on labour wards which does make me feel a bit worried, as my biggest fear is reaching labour ward and the pool room not being free. I had a very medicated, assisted birth with baby number one after induction and found the ‘normal’ birthing suite very alien and very stark. It was a terrifying experience and one where I felt out of control, and the last thing I want is to ever experience that again. 

I’m hoping for a calm, active natural birth full of oxytocin and a meditative environment for the arrival of this baby, free of stress and worry. 

We are happy with our name choice and the hospital bag is packed. I’m hoping the start of labour occurs after a restful day or night and that I can relax and dilate plenty at home before having to drive to hospital.

Wish me luck!

At the end of the day, I just hope to bring a healthy and happy little daughter into the world. 


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