26 weeks. Hello Braxton Hicks

26 weeks  pregnant
26 week bump

Currently sat in queues of traffic on the M5 travelling from Mevagissey, Cornwall back home to Harrogate, Yorkshire on bumps 26 week milestone. 

In the past few days I’ve had the onset of Braxton Hicks quite strongly. They feel so bizarre!

Just two weeks left in my ‘day job’ starting back from holiday on Wednesday, then I finish on June 16th. It’s felt like a ball and chain since I found out I was pregnant to be honest, although I adore my colleagues. 

Baby is kicking away nicely especially after food and drink, and I have my next appointment with my midwife on the 15th June, I have a feeling the next 14 or so weeks are going to be the shortest and longest ever! 

There are quite a few pregnant mums now having their babies on Instagram and it’s making me clucky. Part of me can’t wait to hold our baby girl and treasure the newborn weeks, and part of me wants to try and enjoy the last trimester and enjoy my final pregnancy. 


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