25 weeks 

We are on holiday this week in Cornwall and the weather is perfect. It’s much needed after some of the busiest weeks with my business beforehand, but now my body seems to have gone into car crash mode and I’m fighting the exhaustion each day. 

My nausea has also returned, battling that one again isnt great. It’s not every day though so I can cope with the odd moment. On the happy side, baby girl’s movements are becoming much more defined and more noticeable which is really nice. 

I’m now 25 weeks and finish my day job early, 17 days from now! I’m looking forward to focusing on my own business and hopefully lots of sunshine in the garden over the summer, and spending the whole summer holiday with my boys, before I can no longer refer to my brood as ‘the boys’, instead.. ‘The kiddos’.

My pregnancy shape is so different this time, less defined and more squidgy. I certainly do not have the beautiful round ball belly this time and I feel much less attractive! Still battling with spotty cheeks and dry skin, even with the best skincare it’s not shifting, thanks to hormones.

I treat myself to a gorgeous maternity/non maternity dress last week from Just Polly. It is helping to make me feel less frumpy, and will be perfect for the fourth trimester too, easy breast feeding access, win win! 

Anyway, heading out in said dress to Padstow and Newquay today, the sun is shining and the boys are full of restless energy. I have to give Tiba and Marl a mention too, our ‘changing bag’ Elwood rucksacks have been the best holiday bag. I did bring both and I’ve used one each day. 


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