22 weeks

22 weeks pregnant
It’s been an uneventful 1 1/2 weeks since our scan, but my bank account has already taken a battering buying a few little lady treats! 

We are still excited about expecting a little girl for a change, and our chats are all about how a little lady will change our family dynamic, and we’ll no longer be pigeonholed as the ‘boy family’! 

I think we have a name chosen, though that will remain a secret until she arrives in September. Luckily it was a fairly easy decision, we were very much in desperation thinking of boys names before the scan. 

I’m busier than ever with Velveteen Babies which is amazing, but now I’m starting to think about finishing my ‘other’ job earlier than I first thought, it’s becoming very difficult balancing everything and maintaining a happy work-life balance. 

My day job has gotten a bit more stressful with people leaving and a big store refit going on, I’m finding it all a bit too exhausting as it’s become quite physical and the days are long. I also have to work the occasional Sunday which really eats into our family time and I very much resent it! 

I’ve been experiencing a very itchy tummy recently too, my skin must be stretching. Luckily my Bloom and Blossom stretch mark oil is helping and making it feel a bit better. 

My 21 week antenatal appointment is a week late, so I’ll be going on Wednesday and hoping to hear the little miss’ heartbeat. 

22 weeks pregnant


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