The best nights sleep, and heroine of all pillows 

I’m in love. With a pillow. Last night I had the best sleep in weeks thanks to my new BBhugme maternity pillow. 

I’d hung onto my horrible old Dream Genii maternity pillow for the past few years, and by this third pregnancy it wasn’t feeling great. I also felt constantly trapped and ended up getting tangled in it every single night. 

So I’m a very lucky girl and won a BBhugme, and it’s the best thing ever. 

Its a cushion filled with light silicone beads which allow you to snuggle in and rest the bump, meaning that I was about a trillion times more comfortable. The pillow has a bamboo cover which is super soft, so the new wonder sausage pillow really is magic. 


Bbhugme maternity pillow
snuggling up

BBhugme bliss
I highly highly recommend it to any of you finding sleeping with a bump uncomfortable, and it’ll also make a brilliant nursing cushion when the time comes. 

Find yours and read more at;

We chose the stone/plum colour way, but there’s some other contemporary colours to chose from, and it even looks stylish in the bedroom!

Stone Colourway

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