Scan count down 19/20 weeks in

I’m on countdown, T minus 7 days until our anomaly scan.  I’m excited, nervous, trepidatios and full of confusion over all my bubbling feelings about this no3 malarkey this week. 


19 weeks
So far, bump has been most well behaved (now I’ve forgiven it for putting me through chronic nausea), and it’s movements don’t seem as demanding or attention seeking as the two that have gone before. 

I’m full of mixed emotion at the thought of A. A little girl could be joining our splendid and somewhat insane male heavy team, and then I’ll have finished my boy baby making days, and/or   B. Another little penis is growing inside my belly, therefore probably meaning I’ll never know what it feels like to have a daughter of my own, or to buy tights and brown buckled t-bar shoes and most definitely be outnumbered but absolutely loved to pieces by small hooligans of the male sex. 

When thinking about number three, Mr A and myself have always assumed it’ll be another boy. In 7 days time I’ll know a small snippet about the course of the future. 

Should I not find out and have a ‘surprise’? I should. But I can’t. I respect and admire those of you mamas who chose not to find out in subsequent pregnancies. 


19 weeks pregnant
19 weeks
Meanwhile, on a less hormonally charged day, the other day, I casually (oh so casually) treat bump *myself* to some new wheels. Woooo!

It was an indulgence but one I have been slavishly sewing garlands to save up for. 

The Bugaboo Bee3. In grey melange. 

Mr A. was as usual bemused with said purchase. ‘But we already have a buggy’ he remarked. 

This fell on deaf ears. eBay was invented in order to continue the pushchair circle of life (we’ve now had one Quinny Buzz, and a Maclaren pass to new owners in exchange for hard cash) and I insist that each new baby deserves a new vehicle!! 

I ordered the new wheels from Natural Baby Shower who did a decent enough discount code to dispel some spending guilt. This is great since Bugaboo never ever seem to be discounted. Yay. 

If you’re as nosy as I am about all things pushchair then that’s the link to the one I’ve chosen for the bumplet; 

The new wheels 

In other news, I’m probably wittering on, and I best get some beauty sleep, anything to help the still-spotty complexion. 

Xx C 

20 weeks pregnant bump
20 weeks today (23rd April)

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