18 weeks and the bump archive 

The first proper little kicks have become more noticeable, so it finally feels like the womb invader is making her/his presence felt. 
I scrolled a loonnngggg way back through my Instagram feed this week to see if I had documented any bump pictures from my pregnancy with Barnaby back in 2013 and turns out, I did! 

18 weeks pregnant with Barney
So I’ve found an 18 week comparison! Barney was a lovely round bump, and my face wasn’t the horrible spotty mess that it is currently. 

18 weeks with number three

Meanwhile, I took these captures to mark the 18 week milestone this morning, and the arrival of a stronger little kick (especially at bedtime but very sporadic during the day). 


So there I am, back in 2013 aged 31, and now in 2016 age 34. Time flies! xo 


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