Current Feels at 17 and a bit weeks in… 

Feeling like I’m in no mans land, our 20 week scan isn’t until the 27th and I have a 5th birthday to get through next weekend!

My skin hasn’t improved much, so I treat myself to some Aesop moisturiser and Bloom and Blossom bath oil treats from Space NK.  Baby made me do it (!) 
My 16 week checkup is actually a week late and I’ll be seeing the midwife on Wednesday instead. Hoping to hear a galloping heartbeat which makes up for awkwardly sitting in the waiting area surrounded by other pregnant people all trying not to make eye contact, for what seems like forever… 

[been and heart rate was 142, and baby growing perfectly, oh and bonus that I was the only one there!]

I’ve been feeling movement for a couple of weeks now, but it’s sporadic and squirmy rather than definite. I feel like *our* special time is having a bath, because if I’m with the boys all day or at work I forget there’s a third baby on the inside. Typical third child already!

The bump is growing, but sometimes in the morning I don’t actually look all that pregnant when I’m naked. By the evening, it’s a bit more prominent. I’ve also been affected by the attack of itchy boobs which is seriously not lady like. Seriously, this time my boobs have gotten so much fuller and heavier than in previous pregnancies. Not complaining about the improved cleavage though.. 

My nausea has now abated and only rears its head when I’ve gone too long without eating. I’m feeling much better in myself and although I still get a bit worn out by the weekend I have to say that I think my Spa Tone iron supplement has helped keep me on an even keel. Hallelujah miracle product. Worth every penny!

I’m starting to get anxty about the 20 week scan and for finding out the gender.

I’ve always presumed it will be another boyo. I’ve not even though of girls names as I don’t want to build up any feeling either way. I was convinced Barney was a girl until the scan (and when he wasn’t, I felt a bit deflated although I would never wish him any other way now!!) , this pregnancy has been different again, but who knows?! A little girl would be amazing, but to have another fierce little boy is also a blessing. I would just love to be able to buy T-bar shoes and tights for a change!! Equally, dressing my boys is so much fun and a delight. 


Whatever will be, will be. 

C x 


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