dressing the bump.

Now that the small bump is more obvious, I’m in to buying a maternity wear wardrobe. Luckily this time I can live through the summer happily cultivating fat cankles in my Birkenstocks (I’ve got a white pair and a black pair)  as I plan to finish up for Mat. Leave in July even though I’m not due until September. 
Luckily the world of maternity fashion has improved a bit from when I was pregnant with each boy, I have an intense dislike for mumsy jersey wrap dresses, so I was keen to find clothes that felt more like my usual uniform. 

My first go-to is Topshop, purely because there’s one on my local high street and it’s a quick fix for a half decent pair of skinny jeans. I’ve so far bought them with an under the bump waistband for the early days, but will go over the bump later on. I also found a decent monochrome striped tee to wear under my dungarees. http://m.topshop.com/h5/product?productId=22059835#

Speaking of dungarees, there are a fair few on the maternity wear sites and the best value pair I’ve found and purchased are from (surprisingly!) JoJo Maman Bébé. They are super comfy and nicely skinny on the leg, with adjustable button sides. The sizing is very generous though so be sure to buy a size down, hurrah! They are also great value at £35, not bad being as I’ll be sick of the sight of them in 6 months time… 


Not wanting just to live in jeans and dungarees, I found some leather look maternity leggings over at ASOS.com which are a bargainous £22. I also bought the chiffon black shirt £30 to go with them for work (we have to wear black, and if I must always wear black then it needs to be interesting…). The shirt is great as its totally wearable post bump and can be a good breastfeeding staple as it unbuttons, is voluminous and non clingy on post partum flob. 

ASOS black blouse
ASOS black leather look maternity legging
  So I’ve also got to have a bit of colour, and recently discovered the amazing sale bargains over at Nine in the mirror which has a plethora of designer non maternity and maternity clothing, all sourced for pregnant ladies (generally pregnant ladies with a larger disposable income than I, but I digress). 

I found to my delight that one of my favourite over priced jersey designers Zoe Karssen was on it, and better still, some of the cult t-shirt styles were in the sale at 70% off, que my next purchase:

£26 plus postage from £88. Bargain. 

Nine in the Mirror Zoe Karssen sale
My must-have, go to, wardrobe staple as a mum are my Selfish Mother sweatshirts. Not maternity, but they easily pull over a bump, though maybe not a 40 week specimen. The best thing is that there’s loads of styles to choose from, and you’re doing your bit for charity, plus the Selfish Mother blog is really really good for a read too. 


I look like a bit of a knob, but my sweatshirt is ace.

Finally, my last maternity wardrobe go-to isn’t maternity at all, but Cos clothing is totally suitable to wear throughout pregnancy and beyond. 

I’ve recently purchased a couple of swingy tops which will be fine to cover bump, with a bump band or vest underneath, and then as an easy breastfeeding access top post preggers. 

This top was £35 and is lovely thick material and crucially non clingy. 

  Cos oversized tee
Other sites I have purchased things from or notable are; 

Isabella Oliver for no nonsense but beautifully cut thick jersey ruched super flattering dresses. 
Clary and Peg for vintage styled maternity wear. 
Just Polly for clean lines, and the nicest maternity shirt I’ve come across. 
Bae The Label has some beautiful contemporary maternity pieces. 


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