gender games.

At 14 weeks, and now the secret is ‘out’, the main subject of pregnancy conversation is of course, guessing if this baby is a boy or a girl. Nope, I have no gut feeling, but this pregnancy has definitely been the most challenging through the first trimester out of all three.

[at the end I reveal the sex and you work out if any of them have any merit!!] 

I thought I’d examine the old wives tales surrounding guessing an unborn baby’s gender and give my results, and one day we’ll see what the real result is! (Sorry, there are pictures of my pee so don’t read on if you don’t want to see).

I’m 14 weeks now and honestly haven’t thought of any girl names we’d choose, as we are both convinced it will be another baby boy. At this stage I couldn’t imagine being told that baby no3 is a girl, and it’s best that I believe it’s going to be another boy. 

Luckily this week the nausea is finally tailing off, and taking two sachets of Spa Tone every morning with fresh orange juice has really boosted my energy levels and I’m feeling way more like ‘me’ finally. Phew!

Also the little bump has finally popped out, but I’ve not really noticed any movement yet. 

1. Chinese gender test….

Opinion is divided as there seems to be a few different Chinese gender charts! I used a simple programme over at which I typed my approximate conception date and my birthday into, and it supposedly worked out my ‘luna’ information. I don’t particularly think there’s much scientific merit to this one!!

Result: Girl (though on other websites my result came back as boy so lets say an overall inconclusive!!) 

2. Placenta position.

Another Google find! According to a Dr Ramzi Ismail, at 6 weeks gestation 97.2% of male foetuses had their placenta on the right side of the uterus, and 97.5% of female foetuses had theirs on the left.

Result: I asked about the placement of my own placenta during my 12 week scan and the result…. It was central !!!


Read more here:

3. The ‘nub’ theory ….
The theory says that if the angle of the baby’s nub is pointing at an angle of 30 degrees upwards in line with the spine  then the baby is likely to be a boy, and if it’s straight, pointing down or pointing at an angle of less than 30 degrees then chances are it’s a girl



Result: I can’t decide!! Inconclusive. Seriously no idea. I did guess the nub theory correctly for two of my friends and myself when pregnant with my second Son, but the pictures were easier to guess. 

4. The wedding ring test.

Old wives tales say that threading your wedding ring and holding it above bump and watching how it moves gives clues to the gender of the baby.

Supposedly a ring swinging back and forth signals a boy, and a ring swing or moving in circles signals a girl.

Result: inconclusive. It didn’t swing madly and looked more like it was turning round but I have slightly shaky hands at the moment so I don’t think this test has much merit!!


5. The Baking Soda test.

The American term ‘baking soda’ equivalent in the U.K is actually bicarbonate of soda, and not baking powder before you begin!

If you use baking powder then you will always receive a fizzy result as baking powder will react to any medium as its a mix of cream of tartar and bicarbonate of soda.

Using a sample of your pee, and a sample of bicarbonate of soda, mix together and the results state that a fizzing reaction means the ph of your urine indicates a boy, and with no reaction then indicating a girl.

*sidenote: at 17 weeks I tried this again, but with a different brand of Bicarbonate of Soda. It didn’t fizz immediately but there was definitely a fizzy froth on the top and a gentle bubbling. Then I tried mine at home and no fizz, so who knows?!!!*

 Result: No Fizz, zero reaction! Girl.

6. The cabbage Test.

Working on the same principles as the baking soda test, this works alongside the PH of your urine also.

Cut up a red cabbage and boil for 10 minutes. Drain the water and keep a dram.

Mix equal parts urine to equal parts red cabbage juice.

If the mixture turns red then the PH indicates you’re carrying a baby boy, and if it stays purple then it’s a girl.

 Result: Given that the mixture didn’t change colour, it ‘indicates’ a girl.

I do have my doubts that a gender of an unborn baby can affect the PH of urine, surely it’s diet that affects it?!
7. Sickness.

Apparently levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG tend to be higher in mothers pregnant with girls, causing morning sickness and nausea to be more severe.

Result: Personally I’ve never been so sicky and nauseous in previous pregnancies with the boys, so I’m going to plump for a ‘Girl’ result for this section, however I know plenty of friends who were more sick when pregnant with their sons!

8. Baby’s heartbeat.

A few friends swear that a higher heartbeat means a girl, whereas slower means a boy. As a guide over 140 means fast and therefore a ‘girl’ and under means it’s more likely to be a boy.

As far as I’ve read, this only really seems to be the case when you are in labour, but it’s still a bit of fun.

Unfortunately I can’t read a result until after my 16 week checkup so I’ll add my result then! [17 weeks: heart rate of baby : 142] 

The results….

1. Chinese Gender: inconclusive !

2. Placenta : inconclusive!

3. Nub theory: undecided !

4. Wedding Ring: Inconclusive !

5. Bicarb of Soda: Girl

6. Red Cabbage : Girl

7. Sickness/HCG: Girl

8. Heart rate: Unknown

Overall: inconclusive/ girl. 

I’m guessing another boy!! 

I’m sceptical trying these ‘theories’. It’s been very entertaining trying all these theories and at this moment my baby is the only one who knows its secret. 
* Adding this at 20 weeks pregnant… And it’s a GIRL!* must be something in at least one of these predictions!! 




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