hello little you.


12 weeks pregnant
hello 12 weeks!
Hello 12 week scan, after what feels like the l o n g e s t  wait. The worries, anxiety and nerves simmered down the second that our sonographer turned the screen to face us. 

Baby number three. She/He was there (just one baby!) bobbing around in my abdomen without a care in the world . I hadn’t just imagined things for twelve weeks, this is actually happening! 

12 weeks pregnant bump
not a bump quite yet…
It started with drinking a beer at my parents on the 8th January, and it not tasting ‘right’. Strange, I thought.

Later that evening, it suddenly clicked. Not strange at all, but quite certainly pregnant.

The past 8 weeks of knowingly being pregnant have been hard work. The intense nausea presents itself late every afternoon and lasts until bedtime. I never suffered with nausea with Barney, and only had a couple of days with it when pregnant with Felix, so it’s been a tough cookie to handle at times!

I have a major aversion to anything chicken, the smell of frying anything, and my sense of smell is ridiculously and annoyingly fine tuned at the moment. 

I’ve not had many cravings, but Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps have been one, as has solid cheese and biscuits. 

I have found Midwifey Hooper’s ‘Gas and Air’ blog a godsend, and also posts by the YesMum, Selfish Mother and Rock My Family, It’s kept me sane by reading about products, and pregnancy which has really been a saviour during the first trimester when I’ve been keeping this secret from everyone. They’ve assisted me in sourcing baggy but stylish clothing to hide my slight swell under- Cos has been a go-to for baggy but stylish tops and dresses. 

Suffering from nausea and tiredness made me read up on some suggested products which I share below. 

If you’re in the early stages of pregnancy, they may help…. (I think they’ve helped me!) 


bach remedies
bach remedies olive
1. Bach Remedies, Olive. Apparently the remedy for tiredness and exhaustion (!) so I’ve been adding a few drops to my bottled water.


magnesium spray
magnesium spray during pregnancy
2. Magnesium Spray. Apparently magnesium is required for vitamin D absorption and the body cannot absorb it well during pregnancy. I purchased this spray from Holland and Barrett and have been using it every morning. Spray on magnesium seems to be the recommended and most effective, as it does not need to travel through the gut. It’s said to help with nausea, and is an essential mineral during pregnancy.

3. Feroglobin liquid Iron. I was feeling incredibly exhausted during the first 12 weeks and sought this from my pharmacist. It’s a simple liquid iron which I really feel has helped boost my energy levels.

I’ve since swapped over to Spa Tone (2 sachets taken with fresh OJ) which has boosted my low iron levels really effectively. 

4. Eating little and often, especially mid afternoon. Graze regularly to reduce the onset of the dreaded sickness and nausea!

5. The ‘DreamGenii’ maternity support pillow. Gah, it’s ugly, and takes over my bed, but even though there’s no proper bump yet, certain sleep positions are already uncomfortable. This ungainly pillow allows me to curl up fairly comfortably. Oh and early nights to bed have been essential!


scan picture 12 weeks
our first photo of no3
So hurrah! A lovely clear scan picture with our new addition waving at us. See you again on the 23rd April at our 20 week, all being well. X


12 week ultrasound
12+5 weeks

2 thoughts on “hello little you.

  1. So interesting, I have totally gone off chicken & the thought of it makes me yak. And it’s just anything cheese/bread/potato based.
    Thanks also for the tips on helping with nausea & tiredness, buying everything now!!
    Yet to have my scan date, but have everything crossed for a happy little scan pic too! Will follow your pregnancy updates!! X


    1. Good Luck Hannah, those first weeks seem to go so slowly when waiting for the magic 12week scan. I can’t recommend the Spa Tone iron enough, it’s really helped. Let me know how you get on too Xx


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