the making.

Back in June 2015 we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary and took a trip to Amsterdam sans children. At this point, I thought that our ‘alone’ time might just be constructive to well, creating a new addition as well as having a brill time.

According to a loose idea of my cycle, I was just a day or two from the magic day 14 and therefore assumed that we stood a great chance of making baby number three.

A reliable 15 days later, my period arrived.

Although I wasn’t surprised or disheartened, I started to think that just perhaps it wasn’t such a given that I could suddenly conceive on demand.

The months ticked by, the summer months filled with impromptu prosecco slugging trips to friends gardens after work, and I was fairly at ease with the idea that the baby making wasn’t exactly ‘happening’ even though I kept a vague tally of the days of my cycle. It was summer after all and life was good.

Autumn ticked by and still no sign of well, anything. I became a bit more conception focused and had the odd frantic day when my period was a day late, peeing on pregnancy tests that I knew deep down would be negative.

Winter came, and the days grew shorter, the social scene disappearing in favour of hibernation, and the Instagram pregnancy announcements began (only not mine).

Now five months in to ‘operation conception’, I pulled out the big guns. Between our friendship group we have always joked that a particular book, called ‘Taking Charge of your Fertility’ by Toni Weschler is a lucky charm, and we have all previously had successful conceptions after this talisman being in our company !
Taking charge of your Fertility
My friend brought this book back to my house quite by coincidence (after it worked its magic on her, and her baby boy was born last December) and I decided to give the chapter on conception a flick through in the bath.

The book is straight forward and gives guides to recognising signs of fertility in your body (some of it quite obvious!) and also following your temperature on waking each day and keeping a chart. I bought a little digi thermometer from EBay which worked fine. I actually downloaded a handy app called ‘CLUE’ which allowed me to type in my temperature, mucus (TMI!) and all of that, and from it tracked my cycle.

I decided to give the temperature taking and charting a whirl, though at this point I didn’t particularly think it would work. I think I’d become a bit disheartened at this stage. My husband thought I was a nutter, having the little thermometer bleeping each morning!

I started taking a pre conception vitamin (I used Santogen) including vitamin D and folic acid, I also started taking a cough medicine containing Guaifenesin  twice a day in the week before the ‘fertile’ period which thins cervical mucus (nice!) and can help, see and I also cut out my usual morning treat of a big fat coffee. I’d read that caffeine can make a difference to your fertility so I figured that sacrificing it might just help. Hello Decaf!
I wasn’t the model student, but the charting helped,  a ‘spike’ in my temperature occurred and voila, we managed to erm, do the deed on the right days without over thinking it or ‘overdoing’ it(!) 

I’m not sure how much or how little those other things worked, but perhaps a combination of all of them did the magic!

So, without too much obsessing, I continued to chart my temperature, expecting it to dip as my body prepared for my period, but I felt confident I had the support from the book to keep going and eventually it would work out….

New year happened and the first week of 2016 happened in a blur. I drank a beer, it tasted really weird, then the next day (the 9th January to be precise) I realised my temperature had remained constant past day 16 ( the book is very simple to follow ) and well, I just knew, I just KNEW! ( that getting busy on my Birthday and Christmas week might just be ‘the’ reason… and maybe the wish I made blowing out my birthday candles).

Queue pee stick (pack of two, and even though I received a positive result in seconds I still *had* to do another the very next day to make sure it wasn’t a dream!)

Captured for ever 9th January 2016
Its happened, my body did it!  (Now at
34 ) . It took 6 months and quite a lot of googling, reading and plotting, but the magic 
of the ‘book’ has once again worked.

Now, just the wait of one week until the 12 week scan, hoping and praying that our little lime is alive, wriggling and well. Hoping and praying.

Good luck to anyone reading this, going through the motions each month, I have already passed the magic book on, but if you decide to buy your own copy I hope it brings you the success it’s brought me and my friends. I passed it on shortly after our ‘success’ and I hope it works it’s magic again for them!! 

C x 


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